Natural Accents Stencils

Welcome to the world of Natural Accents. Our stencils offer you the ability to create beautiful, stylish designs for the look of a classic English garden... a villa by the Aegean Sea...a New England country estate...a sunny day in Provence...or the look of Old California.

Rainforest Mural

Set a tropical mood with Natural Accents Rainforest Mural elements. From a jaunty Jaguar to a cheeky Monkey, your murals will come alive with the unexpected and whimsical beauty of our newest designs!

Click Here to see a description of each available element. Combine with any of our other motifs such as the Elegant Peacock stencil or the Trumpet Flower for a totally tropical look!

French Country

Also, our new French Country Design Elements are ready to warm up your kitchen, family room, or wherever you choose to add a French touch. Click Here to see a description of each available element.

Combine any of our free-form designs to achieve a realistic, hand-painted effect following complete and easy instructions included with each stencil. Our mural painting booklets detail the painting techniques used to create the backgrounds for the murals in our catalog and contain an overhead transparency for projecting our designs on the wall. And check out our Clouded Skies! video...providing complete instructions for hand-painting beautiful clouds on ceilings and walls and our newest Stenciling Videos!!

Stenciling Accessories

Accents for Kids will add a cheerful look for your children's rooms! For obtaining professional results, we recommend our new line of quality stencil brushes in assorted sizes. We invite you to see how easy it is to add that touch of Trompe l'oeil quality using our classic stencils with a natural touch!